Save yourself years of frustration with Profit First coaching.  A year-long program designed to ditch the dread around your finances and help you become consistently profitable

Secure the financial health of your business 

Profit first Coaching

You know turning a consistent profit and paying yourself a salary from your business is possible. Right now, you can’t help but feel like it’s out of reach. You’ve spent way too much time only taking home whatever scraps are leftover after your expenses are paid, when what you really want is to see your personal bank account increasing regularly and predictably.

But how do you get to that point when all you feel is anxiety and overwhelm around your business’s finances? It’s time, as the ambitious entrepreneur that you are, to Stop leaving your profit and salary up to chance. They are way too important for that.

Your business’s new greatest asset!

Say hello to profit coaching

AM I taking advantage of all the  potential avenues for business & Is what I’m doing enough?


Am I going to have enough money to cover expenses/taxes, and still be able to take any money home? 


Am I managing my business’s finances properly? I feel like I'm missing important steps!


Do any of these sound familiar?

Throughout your work days (and maybe even on your off days), do you ever catch your mind drifting to money? 

- kat D

“She's transformed the way I look at money, and I'm grateful for the stress relief she's brought me. My finances are well-organized, and I'm far less worried about money.”

Ditching the stress and constant worry associated with spreadsheets

Stress-Free Finances

Knowing where money from your business is going and how to properly manage it

Fiscal Insight

Feeling rock-solid in managing all your business finances

Business Stability

No longer crossing your fingers when checking your bank balance

Financial Confidence

You can practically see it now:

Uncover hidden business potential, boost profits strategically, and watch your business thrive with the Profit First system. 

A year-long partnership to help you make profit a habit, with expert support along the way.

Welcome to
Exclusive Profit Coaching
with Michelle

Exclusive Profit Coaching with Michelle

Welcome to

Everything we've done so far brings us to results. 
Here, we work together to make your dream a reality:

  • Over the next year, we will hold a series of virtual meetings to keep you on track, make adjustments and discuss any concerns
  • The remaining virtual meetings will be scheduled as quarterly financial/strategy reviews and follow-ups, and a year-end review where we start to plan for the upcoming year. During these meetings is where you and I really connect and dive into this process together.
  • I will be working behind the scenes analyzing your expenses. This is a very in-depth analysis and the results will be discussed in our collaborative conversations so I can make recommendations
  • I will be working on your business as a complete entity, making any recommendations in other areas as they come to light through analysis

Implementation / Roll-Out


Phase III

This is where the magic happens!

During this phase we will "kick-off" with a virtual meeting (60-90 minutes) in which we will do the following:

  • Review the "why's" of Profit First
  • Review the Profit Blueprint created in Phase I
  • Set up your bank accounts for Profit First implementation (if you haven't already done so)
  • You will receive exclusive access to the Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch video series
  • Schedule a series of meetings including a two-week check-in (Empowerment Call), a 30-day strategy meeting, a 60-day strategy meeting, our first quarterly review meeting and a quarterly follow-up meeting


Phase II

During this phase, I will review the financial history of your business. This will give us a baseline for the historical financial performance of your business and will reveal opportunities for us to maximize your profit. This includes 

  • A 1-5 year historical review of your financial trends (analyze baseline profitability)
  • Categorize historical Profit, Owner's Compensation, Taxes and Operating Expenses
  • Conduct an assessment to determine TAPs (Target Allocation Percentages)
  • Establish CAPs (Current Allocation Percentages)
  • Creation of a Profit Blueprint mapped specifically for your business to implement Profit First.

This plan consists of an Evaluation, Conversion and Roll-Out Plan (ECROP) of Profit First. This is a highly customized report and plan based on our findings in Phase I.


Phase I

  • Assistance with bank account set-up
  • A thorough review of your business’s financial trends
  • A highly customized Profit Blueprint
  • Exclusive access to Profit First Quick Start Rocket 
  • Strategy, review, and follow-up meetings
  • Continuous analysis by a Profit First expert


Supercharge your business! 

your business! 

Book Your Consultation

We "kick-off" by reviewing the custom blueprint from phase 1. In this session, we'll establish the foundations for your success and provide exclusive access to the Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch video series.


We'll turn efforts into results by collaborating to achieve your dreams. I'll analyze costs, provide insights for better decision-making, and offer recommendations for your entire business based on new insights.


During this phase, I will review the financial history of your business. This will give us a baseline for the historical financial performance of your business and will reveal opportunities for us to maximize your profit.


How it works

Mike Michalowicz | Profit First


be able to afford

what you hope to


Run your business based


Get support and advice from experts to make the best choices for your business.

Follow easy steps to make your plan work and see real changes.

Get a special plan that shows you where to put your money for the best results.

Learn how to manage your money better by looking at your financial history.

Find hidden opportunities to make more money and grow your business.


The results

Sleek Appearance Laser Hair Removal

- joanne H

“Michelle is very knowledgeable and is constantly upgrading her courses/knowledge… I felt very confident in her services”

Download the first 2 chapters of Profit First, free! Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to profitability. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to kickstart your journey towards financial prosperity.

Want to experience this money mindset flip?


A robust behind-the-scenes analysis by a Profit First expert.

Implement a comprehensive expense analysis for optimal decision-making.

Establish a foundation for sustained profit growth and continuous financial success.

Successfully implement the Profit First system with confidence & ease.

Maximize your profit potential through a
highly customized
Profit Blueprint

Have a clear understanding of your business's financial history and trends.

By the end of Profit First Coaching, you will...

Yes... we are excellent at bookkeeping and accounting, but you should expect that from anyone you work with. What makes us different is that we drive profitability in your business.

Her meticulous attention to detail and deep industry knowledge alleviated the burden of managing day-to-day finances, and empowered us to grow and thrive with utmost confidence. Michelle and the Dragonfly Ventures team were instrumental in elevating our financial management to new heights.

"Her CFO and bookkeeping services significantly enhanced our Health and Safety company's operations."

Streamlined her process



A Certified Professional Bookkeeper and a Certified Profit First Professional, and I love helping business owners reach and exceed their financial goals.

If you’re like most of my clients, you love being a business owner, but you don’t want to have to think like an accountant. My job is to pour over your numbers, statements, spreadsheets, profits, losses, expenses, and financial history for you - and then get you set up for success. Numbers are just what I do!

Hi, I’m Michelle, founder of Dragonfly Ventures!


not about

bandaid fixes,
financial stress,
that "hustle" game.

This is not about!

Financial empowerment,
straight talk,
wealth oversight,
success in business, 
helping you put
Profit First.

all about

This is all about!

Secured financial success for a brighter future.

Find hidden opportunities in your business.

Simplified management for a stress-free operation.

Establish a regular salary for yourself.


Every coaching partnership I offer starts with a free consultation call. That way, we can make absolutely sure that we are the right fit for working towards your goals together. I want you to be able to invest in this opportunity with complete confidence.

Empower your business today.

Do I need to be profitable before implementing the Profit First approach?

Can I just read the book and set myself up with Profit First?

Where did Profit First come from?

Going the DIY-route is absolutely an option! The reason people decide to work with Profit First professionals is to help shorten the learning curve that comes along with utilizing this methodology. We are experienced in helping businesses implement this approach, and can develop a customized plan for your business, specifically.


I can't express how grateful I am for Michelle at Dragonfly Ventures. Her team transformed my chaotic bookkeeping situation into an organized system. I was drowning in confusion, but her patient guidance helped me gain control over my finances. Thank you, Dragonfly Ventures, for fixing my bookkeeping disaster and providing invaluable support!

"She turned what seemed impossible into an achievable process."

Owner - Tailgate Dining

Made $100,000 in her business


Take action today and embark on the road towards consistent PROFITABILITY & FINANCIAL SUCCESS!

what are you waiting for?

what are you waiting for?