Turn finance management from obligation to asset with a profit coach!

Find financial freedom through your business, faster.

Profit First Coaching + Bookkeeping

For too long companies have relied on standard bookkeeping practices. Too many businesses are running cheque to cheque. That changes now! Welcome to Profit First bookkeeping. 

All too often, for business owners like yourself, it’s the second statement that’s true. You may be painfully aware that you keep bailing out your business in exchange for less money in your bank account, or you may have slipped into this pattern without even realizing it.

Is your business supporting you financially, or are you supporting it?

When it comes to your business… 
profit is too important to leave up to chance.

Our goal with Profit First coaching is to flip the norm on its head and ensure your business is supporting you financially.

Supportive coaching as you flip your money mindset & start to be financially free

A strategic partner adept in applying the Profit First system to boost business finances

A detailed Deep Dive Review of your current  books & practices as part of any service

When working with me, you can expect:

My role as a Profit First expert is to be your guide and partner, creating the blueprint that will set you up for success. 

Success Stories


-  Jennifer H,

"Michelle and the Dragonfly Ventures team were instrumental in elevating our financial management to new heights."

This probably goes without saying, but numbers are my thing. 

My original plan was to go to school and become a chartered accountant, but then life got in the way (as life tends to do). 

When I eventually returned to this field, I decided to focus on bookkeeping… and discovered I actually like working with the books! 

Things really started to change in my business when I became a Certified Profit First Professional. This methodology has unlocked an entirely new way for me to help my clients - and I cannot wait to share it with you. 

When I’m not immersed in numbers, you can find me listening to anything 80's rock or headed to a concert with my hubby! 

Together, we can figure out the best fit for you and your business.

There are several ways to start implementing a Profit First approach.

Ready Set Book.