If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you are fed up with feeling like profit in your business is elusive, out-of-reach, or unpredictable. Whether you’re thinking “I’m doing everything right, so where is all my money going?” or “I feel solid in my books, but I just know there’s a way to level-up and maximize my profits”, you are in the right place.

…and ensuring that your business turns a profit, consistently

Profit First works for you by eliminating the guesswork around your finances


My role in your story is to be a subject matter expert, creating roadmaps, blueprints, and timetables … guiding you through their implementation to make Profit First work for you. 

and you’ll be paying yourself regularly, too.

As a profit coach, I help you create consistent, sustainable profit within your business -

Hi, I’m Michelle, founder of Dragonfly Ventures!

It’s never too early (or too late!) to start implementing this approach for your business. As your coach, I will be setting you up for success and supporting you along the way, so you can see Profit First work for you. 

not about

Dreaded obligation,
major stress or being
your least favorite part of owning a business


Being an asset to your business,
feeling empowered in your finances, 
paying yourself regularly and seeing profits in business.

all about


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- joanne H

“Michelle is very knowledgeable and is constantly upgrading her courses/knowledge… I felt very confident in her services”

Do I need to be profitable before implementing the Profit First approach?

Can I just read the book and set myself up with Profit First?

Where did Profit First come from?

Going the DIY-route is absolutely an option! The reason people decide to work with Profit First professionals is to help shorten the learning curve that comes along with utilizing this methodology. We are experienced in helping businesses implement this approach, and can develop a customized plan for your business, specifically.


If you're ready to transform your business into a profit powerhouse, schedule a consultation today. Together, we'll map out a tailored strategy to ensure your success. Your profitable future starts now.

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